Part 2 – Apple iOS vs. Android with Sony Xperia Z1 Review and waterproof dunk

After 3 weeks of using an Android Phone for the first time this is my report.
Before this I have been using an iPhone 3, 3S, 4, and 4S over the last few years. And a quick demo of The Sony Xperia Z1’s water resistant feature.

Things I forgot to mention:
– Swipe typing on the Android phone is awesome for one handed texting. (Android OS)
– Having a dedicated button to open the camera app and shutter is great. (Sony Device)
– The Sony phone has an FM radio. Must use earphones to use…

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  1. One thing I missed on my iPhone was the visual voice mail. I am now using an app called "YouMail" that gives me an awesome visual voice mail service. Costs $5 per month, but I am saving more then that by cancelling my voice mail option with Telus (My cellular provider)

  2. Glad u like Sony custom ui… just fyi not all Android ui's are the same.. some are just too filled with customization and detracts from the experience as a whole somits nice to see u getting the hang of it! Great vid.

  3. always good to see people swapping over to Android. it really is superior in many many ways. I've got the Experia Ion and its amazing how such a big phone can hold a charge. 

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