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  1. You really shouldn't show the completed code in the beginning. Seeing you skip over pieces of unfamiliar code can be daunting; even if you will explain it later in the video, we, the noobs watching your videos, don't know that.

  2. Something is going wrong and I am pulling my hair out with this… The images are adjusting to 100% of their original size!, they do not appear to be contained within the gallery items either.

  3. Hi Alex, thanks for posting these videos, they're really helping me out. But if I can suggest something, you should go a bit slower and take the time to explain things a little bit the crear fix hack..

  4. Could you make a PHP OOP video about uploading files with the multiple=" " form attribute? I can't get the images out of the array, I will only see 5 array entries and those are the ['name'], ['type'] of the first image. Thanks

  5. I followed the videos and the gallery seemed to work fine in my local environment but  when I uploaded it to a server I get an error message  every image that is displayed.
    The error message:
    Strict Standards: Only variables should be passed by reference in (the server name follows).
    It says that the following line of code is the problem:
    $extension = strtolower (end ( explode ('.', $image))); 
    Have you got any idea what´s wrong?
    Thank you for a great video!

  6. It would be great that if maybe as a follow up you could make an image upload tutorial, that allows you to upload multiple files at once and also generate a thumbnail and normal size image.

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