PHP Tutorial – 14 – Foreach Array Loops

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  1. if you want to spit it all out at once why dont you just use echo $test[0,1,2]; ??? i mean thats easyer and faster but in other points this could come in handy

  2. Thanks. I believe the curly brackets are not essential so long as your procedure is a single line. If you are having it do multiple lines, then it becomes necessary. I appreciate you bringing it up, and it is probably best to just train people right off to always use them instead of remembering the rule for multiple lines.

  3. I would think it's pretty confusing to the viewer that you keep switching from using single ' marks from quotation " marks. I don't know PHP very well, but I'm assuming they are some-what interchangeable. The viewer may not though.

  4. I don't understand the significance of $x in PHP as when I change my variable letter to anything other than x it won't display so i figure $x is something special in PHP?

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