PHP Tutorial – 2 – Basic Output and Variables

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  1. I'm rofl-ing so bad watching this tutorial that I can't even concentrate on watching the tutorial. Bucky's in her teenage swing moods in the 2008, so I don't mind it. But it's really funny listening to him insulting the viewers. lol.

  2. This reminded me of the high school days. That`s how it was lol, that was the environment and how people behaved to you (The speech pattern, in example). I am actually liking this edition of bucky lol, straight forward. I think he is a great man however!

  3. he is not bucky is the founder of who made the video! dhuu before you offend you need to watch other videos dumbass say ass to the founder of not to Bucky

  4. u can use quotes for numbers I just tried it, i think that its treated differently though. When u don't put quotes the interpreter treats it like an integer but if u do put quotes its treated as a string, i think im not to sure though

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