PHP Tutorial – 30 – Check for Duplicate Names in Game

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  1. @beatboxpeej if js so it is better way to became smarter and user AJAX with verification if email is not registered yet. also i noticed u'v used eregi -> FYI it is deprecated in PHP 5.x, also to completely prevent injection us PHP's built-in PDO with statement prepare, so then prepare will escape passed variables. 😉
    have a great learning, guys.

  2. Hey Bucky. Such awesome videos. Thanks!
    In your video, you say that the source code from PHP tutorials 30,31 is on your website in the forum, but I don't think it is. Is is possible to upload it? Thanks much, Buffmin

  3. phew finally after some few practices i finally understand it.. i really prove to my self that you should test everytime you learned something in programming.. now for the next part 😀

  4. @beatboxpeej what are you talking about?! dont talk such sily things. real validation should be done and ONLY serverside. javascript is a client side and can be bypassed without any problem by a bit skilled user or even script kid.

  5. ok im having issues. it does the check correctly and all but its not inserting the info. it says it did it and all but it doesnt… but when I have it without this alphanumeric string thing it works perfectly fine?

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