Play! PS2 Win / OSX / iOS /Android Emulator – Gran Turismo 3 Ingame (20170123)

Play! PS2 Win / OSX / iOS /Android Emulator – Gran Turismo 3 Ingame (20170123)

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It’s a realtime footage.

Play! is an attempt at creating a PlayStation 2 emulator for the Win32, OSX, iOS and Android platforms.

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Testing some of commercial games.Stay tuned for news.

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  1. If people weren't retarded and suported a proper x86 operating system for phones, we wouldn't be having these problems right now and would have a plethora of old PC games at our disposal.

  2. vejo a galera comparando esse emulador com o pcsx2 e é um tanto injusto, pcsx2 tem mais de 10 anos de desenvolvimento, em um ano, esse emulador já conseguiu rodar games a uma taxa de frames descente está com sombras (bugada mas está aí) coisa que pcsx2 fez recentemente…
    tomara que vá para frente, força time play! tenho esperança de termos um emulador melhor mais leve que pcsx2!

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