Protips: a fresh look at advanced topics for Android experts (Google I/O '18)

It’s been 10 years since the first Android device launch, and even experienced Android developers are still using tools, APIs, and best-practices from 2008. The return of Android Protips brings you up-to-speed on modern solutions to Android development challenges, highlights cutting-edge features, and calls out deprecated app design / implementation patterns. These protips will bring your skills into the next decade of Android development.

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  1. The kotlin is certainly not easier to switch for me as a java developer. Most of the things made no sense and wastes more time:
    var country: String? = null
    String country = null
    now which one is easier to write?

  2. Yah 9 mins passed and no actual technology related talk..!!! 😀 🙂 But I loved the way he is presenting..!! 🙂 I loved the humor way better than all the boring talks and boring way of presentation in google I/O

  3. Each time I listen to Reto's or some other googlers' talks I'm impressed, how far they are from the real world of Android development. Many of the things that Android SDK gives us, are unusable sources of boilerplate code, giving same problems each time you use them, and keeping all the bugs not fixed till they become officially deprecated. We do keep in mind that official code guidelines != best practices.

  4. I think we’re now finally at the point where lollipop can be our minsdk and we can rely on ripples and vectordrawables exclusively. At least for many apps 90% of devices are enough.

  5. How many years until we're told again:
    "Sorry guys AAC was another lie".

    I love mobile development, but I think Google has absolutely no respect for us.
    Instead of focusing on 2 or more alternative technologies (Android, Flutter,PWAs,etc) at the same time, they should concentrate on improving the whole Android platform, making it reliable.
    Not something that is sold as the best technology ever now, only to be discarded the following year.

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