Real-World Java EE 6 Tutorial

This tutorial demonstrates how to use the Java EE 6 APIs together to build a portable, full-stack enterprise application and solve real-world problems. It not only focuses on the APIs but also shows you how to set up a vanilla Maven build from scratch and do unit and integration testing—going into almost all parts of the Java EE 6 specs. The last part of the session discusses the architectural consequences of this simplified programming model. Do we still need business delegates, transfer…

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  1. One of the Dutchies in the presentation is an alleged sex tourist in Thailand. He was in jail for 6 months until the Dutch government negotiated for his release. This video should be taken down unless Oracle supports sex tourism.

  2. May I have a detail guide line of how to start learning java ee ?? what to learn first to build a web application ?? Like if i want to make a web application with java ee first i need to know about servelet then jsp then jsf and need to know about java-xml parsing etc. That I am asking what will be the best way to start learning java ee to make a web application that interact with client and web server as well as database.

  3. Ashitraj More here,
    I have created a full fledged video tutorial on Java EE 6. Its available for free download from my site:programming-simplified. com

    Its around 1.7 GB in total size spanning around 11 hours.

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