REVIT + PYTHON – An Introduction with RevitPythonShell

In this video I explain how to use Python within Revit via the RevitPythonShell addin.
I show how to use variables in Python, form if-statements and for-loops.
Then I explain how to load Revit libraries and use them in your script to load Revit elements and manipulate them.

Download RevitPythonShell:

Follow along with the course from BiltAcademy:

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  1. I've been doing small things with Dynamo to speed up workflow, but it's so cool you can actually do so much with python too. Thanks for showing us how to get started and thanks for the links! Maybe this is a nice way to mix my interest in python with my work. After all it's all about practice practice practice and now I can practice in Revit too! Great content!

  2. Very good! Would be nice to see how to export these lists as excel files, or vice versa, how to get values from excel into python for revit and modify element types

  3. Awesome – keep making these sorts of videos, very educational; and a lot of people are asking me about Python Shell, hot topic! Maybe consider showing Dynamo Python scripting?

    Edit: 4 rounds of ads… yeesh!

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