Rio Clowns!! The next step in the royal python project

This was the first year that I had the opportunity to create a Rio Clown with two clutches, Arroyo Enchi Pastel het Clown x Clown and Arroyo Pastel Enchi het Clown x Arroyo het Clown.

I believe I have hit some Arroyo Clowns although I missed out on Rio Clowns, what do you think?

If Arroyo/Rio interests you feel free to head on over to the Breeders group.

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  1. Some nice snakes there!
    Interesting stuff for sure. I'm not sure if you got mixed up near the end but the pastel enchi and the pastel enchi aryo might have been the wrong way round. The pastel enchi aryo looks exactly like my pastel enchi clowns I hatched this seaaon. You can see the difference 100% though

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