She slept with a snake, and then the vet told her something shocking!

A woman from India with a rather peculiar taste in pets had a 4-meter long python, which she adored. One day, the snake stopped eating. This lack of appetite in the snake continued over a few weeks. After numerous futile attempts to feed it, the woman felt desperate and took her pet to a veterinarian.
The vet listened to the woman carefully and asked “Does your snake sleep with you at night, wrap around you closely and spread out throughout its length?”
The snake owner looked at the vet…

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  1. First off snakes don't do that. You don't see lions staring at it's prey to see if it can eat it. A snake comes close to you because it gets your body heat and has labeled you as not a threat if your kind do it, snakes don't even have a sense of measurement.

  2. Snakes are not attracted to size, its attracted to smell. Also, snakes are not the brightest animals in the world. Their intelligence has an extent to it, sizing their meals is not one of them. It's already in their nature to automatically whether or not a prey it's just the right size for itself. In the reason why the snake is probably not eating is because it is fasting which is completely normal for snakes. Or the snake could possibly be stressed. That vet guy is living off of a myth. Snakes often get a bad rap for themselves because people don't know anything about them and just assumed because they seem scary and they're huge size. That man should be fired for giving out false information that can't even be proven. If that snake was going to eat her he would have done it by now. The reason why that snake hugs are every night is because she is warm and they are attracted to warmth. Snakes never size up to an animal to see if it can eat its prey so why would they do it to human beings? This video is only meant to scare you. I don't know why, but snakes are just not attracted to human beings as predators. The snake in this photo would surely die if he would try to eat her or any adult human being. this woman has nothing to worry about. She obviously doesn't know anything about snakes as well. snake can go months without eating and even the whole year depending on the snake size, species, and its last meal that it ate. Most people don't even know that most of the snake population species isn't even poisonous. Please don't go assuming about the things that you don't even know about. I thought this video would have been more interesting but turns out it was a complete waste of time. Anyone who actually specializes in snakes would know that a snake does not size up to its meal to see if it can eat it.

  3. a.) if a snake is hungry it will eat, it wont skip meals
    b.) measuring the length of is pointless if its too wide to swallow
    c.) snakes don't speak to animals they're about to eat and say " hey buddy, sit still for a minute, I'm going to stretch out next to you to see if i can eat you, bare with me for a moment".
    d.) stop posting crap like this to get likes

  4. Hahahahhahahahahha was she eaten how stupid not to know that it hated her snakes cannot be trusted they are the devils friend one day u are friends and the other day u are enemies stupid lady

  5. THIS IS FAKE!! A snake never measures its pray since it would run away. Also a snake wouldn't be able to consume a human and would let go realizing it's to big

  6. This is the dumbest shit I've ever heard. That's not how it works. The snake stopped eating because it was stressed out, and it probably thought It wasn't safe, as a pet snake feels safest in it enclosure. Whatever vet this lady went to needs to be closed down and everyone that works there needs to be sent back to school. Would a human gobble down a whole cow in one bite? No, because you know it's impossible. The snake knows it's limits as well. That's not saying a snake won't bite you if you've recently handled anything that might smell like it's food, but the snake will eventually realise the mistake and let go.

  7. Story from me about snake:

    One Night A Man Left A Snake On His Bed. He Woke Up In The Morning And The Snake Was Laying Still. The Man Was For Sure He Was Dead. The Man Poke The Snake Twice, The Snake Didn't Move At All. So, The Man Called The Vet. The Vet Said "GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!". The Man Asked "Why?". The Vet Said 'The Snake Is Measuring You, To Make Sure He Is Big Enough To Eat You!". The Man Never Made It Out.

    THE END! ?

  8. Well, if you look up the name Akbar Salubiro you'll find that snakes have ate people before. But the problem here is that the snakes that ate that guy was a seven metre Reticulated Python, but while her snake was long I don't believe it was large enough to eat her. I just highly doubt she owned Reticulated Python.

  9. What if your huge snake that you loved for a pet realized that it only wants to eat you
    A)put it in a ditch and run
    B)keep it and try to tame it
    C)accept your fault
    D)kill it

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