Side Projects In Web Development – Jessica Smith EPIC LAN – S2 E37 How To Code Well Podcast

Jessica Smith joins me on the How To Code Well podcast to talk about side projects in Web Development. Jessica is an old colleague of mine and a great PHP developer. Jessica is a senior developer at Fasthosts where I previously worked for a few years.
To say that Jessica’s side project is epic is quite the understatement as in her spare time Jessica is the technical manager at epic.LAN!

epic.LAN is one of the UK’s most exciting LAN gaming events featuring a great range of social games and…

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  1. Great pod-/vodcast Mintopia! Laravel rocks 😉
    Especially interesting to hear about how that is used for Epic LAN. Sounds like I need to come over eventually and visit it! LANCache also rocks!
    Also I can totally relate to time management stuff…

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