Super Quick Python Project Ideas

Super Quick Python Project Ideas

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  1. My dad works in a company, he needs to create sometime up to 70 documents everyday, it takes him a lot of time and i often have to help him with it. I started learing python on monday, and today i wrote a program that creates documents for him in a matter of seconds, he just need to input Names and Birth Dates! Python is really hecking amazing!

  2. Dear Bro, Good Afternoon. so how do i learn python in faster project.
    i really like and see your video every time with your project. any recommended from you.

  3. About 1st idea, unfortnetly it is bad idea. Over last 12+ years I work as DB Developer (Oracle, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, BI Tools and etc.) and store files as blob in database is very bad idea for production. For home maybe it is ok, for practice it pk) About "Password Manager", you can publish your DB in some think like DigitalOcean for example, add RestAPI on Flask and iOS app on Flutter and voila – you have own "1Password" 🙂

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