The Apple iPhone Has a Lot of Restrictions vs Google Android

It’s only Day 2 of eComm and I’m already exhausted! As Dryburgh promised, this is a really fast paced event: 15-mns sessions, followed by 5-mns lightning talks and a few 30-mns keynotes… and this all day long! This afternoon will be the first one hour panel on mobile mashups. But the lack of proper Wi-Fi connectivity is really annoying.
Anyway, this morning starts with Google’s manager of…

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  1. i don't because u cant do shit with it. iphone cant watch all the videos on youtube because some videos on youtube needs flash iphone don't have flash and never will. An droid does. yall apple fan faggots r fightting a loseing balle buddy. and the spyware and viruses no problem. i don't mind paying 30bucks a year for a viruses protection on my Android because i know i have something way better then a apple product

  2. I don't like restrictions. I love that Android allows customization. Also lack of flash on Apple iPhone sucks. People that have iPhones always wish they had Android web browser.

  3. Yes Android will be just like Windows. Plenty of spyware, viruses etc. Apple all the way for me. I love the fact that it's locked down and not an open platform like Android.

  4. Look Android os is good but there is a big problem with open source. There are morons that will make spyware and viruses for the Android os. ya I know you thinking no way, your stupid, that will never happen, but your wrong it has happened already. Now if your a developer think about making a antivirus program for the Android OS. Im just saying.
    Well good luck Android your going to need it.

  5. I'm not an Apple or iPhone fan, but google is stupid to actually think they can out market Apple. The best scenario is that they can take some market share away from Windows Mobile. Open source is meaningless to consumers, unless it translates to cheaper and better. Unless they give the phones away for free, the only benefit of open source is to the phone makers.

  6. Open source, closed source. Consumers don't give a Sh#t.
    Anyway, I think Apple should stay true to their DNA, just make the best product they can make. It is a bad idea for them to sacrfice the quality in order to be dominant, i.e. go open source or whatever it means to be open and everywhere. Let Apple be BMW with lots of Hyundais, Hondas, and Toyotas (they are good cars too) around.

  7. @shadie452 Ever wonder how Apple's App market picked up over 70,000 apps overnight? Partly due to selling eBooks as Apps!

    On Android, I can get them FREE or from Amazon & any web site I want. Aside from the DRM container Apple puts them in, they're merely Text Files, NOT an application!

    Plus Apple pushes developers to offer several versions. Along w/ other tricks to pad their Store #s w/ junk apps. Nobody is ever going buy 1000th of Apps offered ever! DRM= Digital Rectal Manipulation!!! xD

  8. Now yes open projects are way better. Take linux for example. I'm running ubuntu and the only things that don't work are flash which is closed source and direct x which is also closed source. However, windows still hasn't been beaten by linux. But at the rate the android os is growing I think it will defeat the iphone and blackberry especially if the android market grows exponentially as soon as the phone market share grows. But then I thought that about linux, and most people still run Windows.

  9. how about measuring you blood pressure( new high tech sensors) and inform you with human voice that your blood pressure is high or low( this is for old people feature. how about increasing the web browsing speed to over double the 3g iphone.

  10. How about sending sms to your coffee machine to get you coffee ready. how about translating ON TIME calls from english to other languages. how about reading the news for you while driving or taking you breakfast in human voice.

  11. actually the the idea of a touch phone came from htc apple's first iphone was different and great but the 3g version is the same damn thing expect the internet is 5 seconds faster that really it

  12. the android is not a copy of the iphone. actually the iphone is a mobile phone and android a open source (!!!) operating system for any types of new generation phones. It is so powerful because everyone can improve it!

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