The Truth About Switching From Android to iPhone in 2019

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So, you want to switch from Android to iPhone but you have some concerns. Some stress points. Some… things that are just slowing you down or holding you back.

There are a lot of totally valid reasons someone may want to make that change. Yes, still, today. And, also some legit reasons you may decide not to make the change at all.

You’re the one living your life and paying…

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  1. Ecosystem is fine but it can also be limiting. I've been all Apple for ten years at least but i want platform independence. Google stuff on iPhone is fine but the other way around, not so. It's possible to some extent but requires a bit of fiddling. Apple likes to keep customers within the garden. Easier to make money that way

  2. I used to go back and forth, even multiple times within a given year when the flagships were intriguing enough and must-haves. Then, I just got over it all, and I just wanted an integrated experience, and a device that did what I needed it to do. Truthfully, with the ability to use all of my Google services on iPhone, the only thing that i really miss from my Android devices is my favorite music player app. It annoys me that Apple only allows music to be played through the Apple music app. What is so difficult for Apple about offering a 10-band graphic EQ?

  3. I just did it. Got the 11 Pro to replace my essential phone since most people around me have iPhones and I do love the security aspects and the years of software support that IPhones receive.

  4. If the iPhone SE 2 comes out with an iPhone 8 body and headphone jack then I might continue to use ios for the for foreseeable future, if not then it might be back to Android after my iPhone SE goes EOL.

  5. I've always used Android but now that I've moved back to Switzerland, a lot of apps specific to Switzerland only run on iOS and since my operator is offering to give my a phone with no added value to my monthly fees, for the first time, I'm considering a iPhone. Why? Because the two other choices are Huawei and Samsung and I dislike all three.

    Yes, I know it is weird but I prefer Sony and Lenovo (Motorola) phones. What should I go for? Many thanks!

  6. He is being the same Apple's bitch through the years.
    Biased bitch with no logical reasoning.
    Guess what, I just tapped 'not interested' on his channel. Never subscribed anyway.

  7. Android was my first smart phone. Been using it for 7 yrs. switched to ios i6 together with my wife and never look back since. I really love the way apple put it togather. Simplicity, fast, on point functionality, great ecosystem, better security and it works! The camera is great too and fit to my purpose. Now watching this vid in i11.. the upgrade never been better. ?

  8. Went from iPhone 5s to 6 to Pixel 2 and finally to iPhone 11 Pro Max. Enjoyed the Gucci Google treatment, unlimited original photo storage, and amazing accessibility. Didn’t like camera algorithm on other apps like Snapchat and HATED video. Now we have Tweakbox and iosgods and that’s all I needed. So far enjoying how good the camera hardware is and I missed the small things like being a blue bubble and just being able to FaceTime with my friends

  9. I was a blackberry man for many years, I tried a palm phone a windows phone (pre Nokia) then an android phone then a iPhone 4s then back to android Samsung S6… now I am a total Apple fan boy and it’s iPhone all the way.. I still get people telling me I am a blind sheep following the Apple heard, even though I can say I have tried it all. Apple for me has the best OS and I don’t have to explain how to do everything to my wife who has also converted to the Apple religion lol

  10. "Everyone should try both platforms" is a costly proposition when you get to try the iOS. That's not a solution. For many, budget comes first. Also for many, privacy issues are a concern.

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