Top 12 Best ACTION RPG Android/iOS Games 2019

New best action rpg games for Android & ios 2019 l VinIsHere

My discord group come join in! :-

*Note:- All the Chinese games I mentioned most of em requires wechat to play

*Grimvalor & Blade of God (may require Internet connection for first try) are the only one which can be played offline

There are more upcoming games like genshin impact/Vgame/punishing gray raven/ragnania to keep an eye on, well I’ll feature them in future once they get…

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  1. Thank you so much for another awesome vids! Keep it up!? there's just one question I wanna asks since it's not written on the title. Was all these awesome games offline? Just want to find out haha! Thanks in advance!!???

  2. The real problem with present action rpg.. Or hack n slash is that.. Spells doesn't miss… Just like auto attck.. Spells may look cool af.. But trust me.. It gets boring. Spells should have a lot of miss chances.. To make it harder.. Many people prefer a hard game.. Nowadays rpg games r for kids.. Too ez.. Just stats matters… Hardly any real skills needed.. Just pay to win.. Auto skills.. Couldn't find a decent top down rpg game still..other than that old zenonia 5

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