Top 9 Best Anime Games For Android 2019 #4

New anime games for Android & iOS 2019 part 4 l VinIsHere

Anime means Japanese animation incase you don’t know

My Discord come join in! We all love anime in there:-

More new games for my anime fans 😉 this is part 4 of this year check my playlist for more!
Hope you guys find some good to play

*Note:-I always record/edit each game myself you’re not allowed to reupload my content.
*Some of these are in cbt & 1-2 are just anime style not based on any…

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  1. am i jsut to retarded to find Nananatsu No Taizai Grand Cross in my playstore or does it not show up ( link sayd it istn't compatible with any of my devices ) but without the link i don't find it

  2. Let me tell ya, Genshin Impact is basically a Chinese Language game, and not an Anime. Have you guys check the trailer of the game?

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