Understanding Python

The Python language, while object-oriented, is fundamentally different from both C++ and Java. The dynamic and introspective nature of Python allow for language mechanics unlike that of static languages. This talk aims to enlighten programmers new to Python about these fundamentals, the language mechanics that flow from them and how to effectively put those to use. Among the topics covered are duck-typing, interfaces, descriptors, decorators, metaclasses, reference-counting and the…

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  1. I don't dislike Python in principle but the Adria Richards, the "community" and the hordes of pimply faced fanbois who all hope to get a job at google some day really turns me off. Write in C if you can, choose another hobby if you can't.

  2. Python is used for professional work disney used panda3d and python to make toontown.
    Alot of programming languages are used for professional like ruby c++ and im not sure about visual basic tho.

  3. the creator of python worked for google and they STILL don't use py3 on google app engine, that shows that they either dont give a crap or that there's an issue

  4. Seeing as many companies including Google require proficiency in Python to even be considered for a software engineering position, your statement is ignorant and invalid. Python is outpacing Perl as the most useful multipurpose language out there, used mostly for small to medium-sized scripts and programs, automation, etc.

  5. @ThePrivateJoker Nah, "lolcode" is going to be the new acceptable language, haha. But don't hate on python, beginners such as myself are learning this as their first programming language.

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