Update! Finally A Little Time For Me And Rough Scale Python Archie

On Gotta Love Carpet Pythons, life has changed and finding time to do much of anything has been impossible. l finally got sometime to do a video with Archie my Rough Scaled Python and get it uploaded, how l will never know.
Big changes here and chaos for the past few days and l explain why in this video. Hoping all settles down soon and l am sure it will but in the meantime l am hanging in there.
Cleaning day for all my snakes here which generally is the weekend but l managed to get things…

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  1. I love your painting of the tree I your room. Yep it’s your house. She’s a guest. I can tell you I have no desire to live with any of my children at this point. I love my grandkids but oh I don’t want to live with them. You work so hard taking care of your snakes.

  2. Well having guests in your house changes things a bit it'll all work out one way or another, thank you for sharing.

    I just want to thank you for being a part of my community that means a lot and the compassion in the love that you have for these snakes definitely shines through I hope you're having a blessed weekend bye for now your friend Ken PSA watched your whole video 🙂 ?

  3. Thank you for all the brilliant advice and tips for these wonderful animals. Question : I know you have probably covered it before so forgive me : What size is Lilys current enclosure, and what size would you love to have for lily? About to invest in an upgrade for my yearling – Thank you again and looking forward to more great content.

  4. Hi there Gaye, oh don't I know how busy you can get having little ones around, lol your house is beautiful, I had to laugh when you said the kitchen is different, words I use a lot ? my place is pretty full too but it comes with the babies so I'll get used to it, all in all everything looked great, I loves ya and all the critters ✌?

  5. I am just wondering why YOUR things go into storage and not hers? It IS your house and they are the ones that are getting the benefit of having Your space. You are too kind and too allowing of your daughter and her wishes. I really am glad that you put your foot down on the snake area. You are as good a Nana as your are a snake mum. They are ALL so fortunate to have you.

  6. Holy Moly, Gaye, it's all been happening at your place! I knew that Taylah, Noah, and little Chayse, were going to be moving in some time soon, but Wow, it's taken a lot of rearrangement, and a lot of effort! Great that your grandkids will be right there with you, and I bet Noah will love living with your snakes! I'm sitting in with my snakes now, I had Beau out earlier, Kodi is hanging out curled up in one of the baskets attached to the branches, and Bryani is in her enclosure under the heat panel looking like she's going into shed. Archie is sure looking as cute as ever! I'm going to come and visit next week! Much love to you Gaye. Xxxxx

  7. Watching now! Thanks for sharing!  My son finally asked to join in VLOG and I was so excited. He joined in on a weigh and measurement video…I am still so pumped because of his initiative. I saw that you checked it out, thanks for watching again! You have a great night.

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