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  1. yea i followed it along, good video, but i try to do the service.onstartjob() < but it requires JobParameters params, the documentation said you dont need to create params as the system does it so what am i actually passing?

  2. jobscheduler, easy looking api. but most unreliable. my jobscheduler schedule for every 2 min is running crazy like 1 per second now. behaves fine on some version but not in some other like 5.1.1. My battery is drained by mishap of jobscheduler more than anything.

  3. How about when a phone/tablet is charging via USB 2.0? I've found that my S4 discharges faster than charging when under heavy use while on USB charging. Do you guys have a way to check against this for the Job Scheduler? I like the concept! Definitely feels like a natural step forward for mobile devices in general. Great work! :)

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