Volvo's native Android Auto system first look

Android Auto is coming direct to Volvo. At Google I/O 2018, Volvo showcased its latest Android P-based infotainment system that will give drivers access to Google Assistant, Google Maps, and Google Play without needing to pair your phone, which should be great news for both Android and iPhone users. Subscribe:

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  1. I assume, the car is connected to the internet the whole time, like in a Tesla, right? Also, this might be Android P, but until 2020 it will be Q I assume.

  2. I have this car (finally after waiting since April), and I have to say, this native built in Android Auto IS NOT part of the system. I still need to attach my phone via USB to utilize Android Auto. The implementation in the video looks way better than what they've delivered. Who knows, there may be an update in the future for this native version.

  3. Volvo supply the machinery to the IDF that are used to demolish the homes of Palestinians and tear up their Olive Groves. The bulldozer that ran over and dismembered American activist Rachel Corrie was a Volvo.

  4. My XC60 2018 has a nice HUD. I was imaging if the can display navigation's from Google map when I connected my phone. Now it's seriously coming. Good job Volvo. Was planning to drive the car for at least 6 years, now they are giving me a hard time to wait 6 years, damn.

  5. Iphone movement for automotive connected systems…This is native n hence u get all apps which r authorized by google for automotive. more than 800 apps already authorized.

  6. I hope cars running this can drive themselves, because that's one hell of a distraction trying to work a tablet interface while you're driving.

  7. My concern about all of these replacements of the cars core components to Google or iOS is the supportability over time. Sure having Android Auto builtin sounds awesome… Until Google stops supporting your car 5 years later because it's specs are too low. That will just cascade to other portions as services like Spotify and Maps update, they will too eventually stop supporting the car. Not to say that phone mirror for Apple Carplay or Android Auto isn't that great either, but I do believe it would be easier to support over the long haul.

  8. This might be a dumb question but does The car use your phone's data/require your phone always or does it have it's open data plan and is completely self contained?

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