Why is Python so Slow?

So why is python such a slow programming language and how can we speed it up? In this video I’ll be discussing the slow speed of the python language and why languages like Java, C and C++ can perform between 10x-200x faster.

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  1. There are other reasons for that.

    According to one of the videos explained why Blender 3d is slower on Windows 10 than Linux.

    I think the speed of Python depends on OS as well.

    P.S. I made a joke about the speed of Blender 3d on Windows being slower than Linux.

    And I got more than 300 likes!

    The jokes was:

    It is slow because Windows 10 is busy playing with Candy Crash


  2. Keep up the great work, man!
    Videos like these seem simple, but in the long run,
    it will show case how much of a professional and teacher you are.

  3. Good video. Thank you. Python is fast *enough*, but as with anything in programming, you gotta use specific tools for specific task when you have to achieve best results. Im sure some time in the future (maybe python5?) will catch up in speeds.

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